Equity and Cash Repayment 2022
May 10, 2023

Legacy Co-op Celebrates Record Year and Allocates more than $5 Million in equity and cash back!

Legacy Co-operative celebrates another record year with revenues of more than $141 million dollars.

The 2022 fiscal year is a story of inflation, with prices in petroleum, agro and food increasing significantly.

“In 2022, we experienced cost increases in almost every commodity we sell”, stated Bruce Thurston, General Manager of Legacy Co-op. “Shortages of products, along with supply chain challenges pushed prices up significantly, and very quickly” continued Thurston.

Legacy Co-op sales topped $141 Million dollars with a net earning of more than $7,650,000. As a Co-operative, profits are shared with the members of the Co-op. The Board of Directors have approved an allocation of more than $5 million dollars for the 2022 fiscal year. More than $3 million dollars worth of cheques have been sent to the members of the Co-operative based on their purchases throughout the year. 

Allocations are as follows:

Clear Fuel                      5.20% 
Dyed Fuel                      5.25% 
Oil & Grease               10.00%
Harware/Lumber          1.00%
Ag Equipment/Bins      2.00%
Feed                              2.00%
Food                              3.50%
Chemical/Seed              2.00%
Fertilizer                        0.17%

Keep an eye on those mailboxes, cheques are in the mail.

In addition to our equity and cash back, Legacy Co-op was proud to provide support for local community events and initiatives through our member relations, donations, and community support funds of  $158,000 as well as fundraising efforts for an additional $42,758.95!

We thank you for your support.