Equity and Cash Repayment 2020
April 24, 2021

Thank you for supporting your local Legacy Co-op in 2020! 

Your equity allocation is based on your purchases with Legacy Co-op in the 2020 fiscal year. This year the Legacy Co-op Board of Directors has approved allocation of $2,462,582.19 with a cash repayment of $1,939,289.70.

We have faced tremendous challenges as a community this past year, and Legacy Co-op is proud to have been there for you as we navigated unprecedented change.

Our staff has been working hard to get our annual equity cheques ready to be delivered to our supportive members. We know this cash repayment is one of the great values of being a Legacy Co-op member, especially with the year it has been.  Keep an eye on those mailboxes, cheques are expected mid to late May.

In addition to our equity and cash back,  Legacy Co-op was proud to provide support for local community events and initiatives through our member relations, donations, and community support funds of more than $115,000.

We thank you for your support.