Legacy Co-op Donates $21,753
March 11, 2021

Legacy Co-op is pleased to announce the donation of $21,753 towards The Soup Haven’s School Lunch Program.

“As part of our Season of Giving campaign, our customers jumped on board and really stepped up to help our community”, stated Bruce Thurston, Legacy Co-op’s General Manager. “We understand the importance of giving back to the communities we serve, and we believe our members would agree”, continued Thurston.

The $21,753 forms a large part of the yearly budget for the Soup Haven to provide lunches to kids.

Marilyn Dyck, Program Director of The Soup Haven stated that “Legacy Co-op has been a huge supporter for almost 15 years now, with weekly bread donations, the Christmas Dinner and the Good Buy to Hunger campaign and we appreciate that whenever we call for help, they are willing to step up.”

An additional $1,200 raised by the Kamsack Food store and C-Store was donated to SIGN Positive Impact and will help the program fight hunger in Kamsack.

Sales for Legacy Co-op topped $93 Million dollars in 2020. As a regular business in the Top 100 Businesses in Saskatchewan, Legacy Co-op came in at # 53 in the 2020 listing.

“The pandemic has changed the way we do business, but the needs are still out in our communities, so it’s even more important to support programs such as this during these trying times”, said Thurston, adding that “the retail is finding ways to be creative with our donation’s program”.